What Is Included

  • Initial consultation that lasts approximately one hour.

  • Use of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding related books in my lending library

  • Telephone/email support to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding your pregnancy and upcoming birth.

  • One prenatal meeting: I would like to get together with you and your partner before the birth of your baby in order to get to know each other better, to discuss your preferences and to learn how I can better assist you in labour.

  • Twenty four hour on-call availability for your birth. I will be on-call and available for you from two weeks before your estimated due date until two weeks after. If I am unavailable for any reason, a backup doula will be assigned to your care.

  • If your birth occurs outside of those 4 week parameters, I will of course, do my best to attend and will have backup in place when I cannot.

  • Telephone support during the early phase of labour.

  • In-person, continuous labour support either at home, birth centre or the hospital once you are in active labour and requiring assistance, until after the birth of the baby. This care includes emotional, physical and informational support; guiding you and your partner through labour, suggesting comfort measures and position changes to help labour progress and enable you to remain open to the process.

  • Initial breastfeeding support within the first few hours after the birth.

  • Telephone availability for newborn, breastfeeding, postpartum questions when required.

  • Postpartum meeting at a time that is convenient to you - usually several weeks after the birth.

  • A copy of your birth notes.

Investment: $1300

The fee for my birth doula services is well worth the investment. Did you know that currently Calgary churns out new birth doulas at a rate of approximately 100 - 120 per year? It is also a very transient profession. Many will take the training, do a few births and find it isn't for them. Some may stay a few years and become certified and then decide it isn't the best fit for themselves or their growing families. There are very few doulas in this city, if any, who have the dedication and level of experience as I do as a birth doula with over 20 years of experience and having attended over 600 births to date. That may sound boastful, but it is not meant to be. It is meant to show you the clear difference in choosing the right doula for you. I am a career doula, and proud of it. If you are interested in booking a no-obligation consultation please fill out the form located in the "contact" section of my website. 


Optional Services


  • Birth/Postpartum Pictures:  Pictures, to your comfort level, of the birth and immediately after the birth (mom’s reaction to the birth, partner cutting the cord, baby being weighed and measured, newborn checkup, first nursing, the new family etc.) includes approximately 80 – 100 digital images.


Breastfeeding Support At Home

  • If you encounter unforeseen difficulties with breastfeeding, I am also available to come to your home for a private breastfeeding consultation.